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#2574: Phoenix church helps support Haitian children (fwd)

From: Phil Knowles <Phildk@prodigy.net>

Wow - what an angry response to the article in Phoenix Sun about St.
Joseph's School for Boys in PAP!  He's right - helping a few boys grow up
healthy and educated doesn't address root causes. But I think he's terribly
wrong:  sir, why isn't it ok to nurture and educate and love a few abandoned
young  Haitian kids (yes, this is a place for boys)?

If the writer had ever stayed at St. Joseph's, as many of us have, he would
not assume the boys are being pumped full of anti-voudoun, anti-Haitian
culture doctrine. He would know better. I've been there, and I know how much
love they receive,  and how much responsibility they learn.

Susan Krabacher is also doing something, helping feed and educate kids in
Cite Solei, getting competent medical attention to kids at General Hospital,
now opening an orphanage in Jacmel. And this, too, does nothing to change
root causes. OK, tell me she should stop expending her love and charity and
energy making the lives of those kids a little better.

Those who can make a difference with "root causes" should do it.  But those
who choose to help orphans and handicapped kids deserve better than that
outburst.  Michael is due an apology.

Phil Knowles