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#2625:Structural Change, Charity : Knowles comments

From: Phil Knowles <Phildk@prodigy.net>

Most of us seem to agree:  Haiti  (not only Haiti) needs both.  Some of us
come right out and say:  I can be charitable, I don't know how to effect
structural change.

Here's a fragment from my experience:  A young Haitian is studying at my
local community college, on a State Department grant for young people from
Central American and Caribbean countries.  I've met his sister; both are
sort of middle class Haitians, very intelligent, very mature.  These two are
winners.  Will they leave Haiti for greener pastures?
So far, no  -  he wants to be educated in a profession here, have some
security and income - but he wants to do it in Haiti. He wants to help turn
Haiti around.  What's more, he is in touch with several like-minded peers
who are studying in other places, other countries even. He is to me, "the
hope of Haiti", and it is my fun and joy to help and encourage him, now and
then.  I hope there are enough like him, and his equally promising sister.
Perhaps each of us can discover such opportunities.  This could be a way to
help Haitians help Haiti make structural changes.

Phil Knowles