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#2634: Images of Voodoo: MOrris replies to Bellegarde-Smith


Ms. Perrault and others will get their wish. Two books are being readied
for publications, written by Haitians on Haitian Vodun. She may want to
read the excellent books by Laennec Hurbon and Milo Rigaud in print. 
            P. Bellegarde-Smith, PhD >>

In studies of the Diaspora (the entire African-Atlantic diaspora) the whole 
notion of literacy is finally being questioned as a Western hegemony.  
Certain Africanists question the emphasis of literacy as a judgment when 
there are so many forms of communicable information in non-written form (and 
separate from or in addition to oral culture) embedded within the cultures.  
Obvious examples would be spirit writing and yard shows around the Caribbean 
and in African-American United States.  It seems to me that given this Vodou 
culture is highly literate.