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#2674: Adieu to Dr. Pradel POMPILUS (one of Haiti's top scholars) (fwd): Coradin comments

From: Ahpaly Coradin <ahpaly@hotmail.com>

The news of the death of Dr. Pompilus is not only sad but it is also cause 
for further concern, because there no longer exists a class of Haitian 
scholars of the caliber of Pompilus, Jean Price Mars, Madiou, Roger 
Dorsainville and others who have passed.  Like so much in Haiti, the true 
intellectual class fell victim to the Duvalier dictatorship early on.  
Duvalier politically (and sometimes physically) elimanated any academic mind 
who could cast a shadow on him.  Thus began Haiti's downward spiral towards 
the intellectual mediocrity that pervades it today.  If there were a single 
reason for every Haitian to be fluent in French, it would be to read these 
great Haitians' works (most of which remain untranslated) in their native 

Adieu, Docteur.

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