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#2673: FONKOZE : transfering funds


I am Fonkoze's Customer Service Representative in the U.S. I know there are 
many people who are interested in using Fonkoze's services to get money to 
Haiti quickly and safely. They should know that they can call me at 
1-800-293-0308 anytime or contact me at fundnotice@aol.com. 

Fonkoze is Haiti's Alternative Bank for the Organized Poor. It has 15 offices 
in all 9 Departments of Haiti. Fonkoze provides essential banking services to 
the organized poor that include (1) a savings program (2) currency exchange 
(3) access to credit. It's mission is to motivate and facilitate Haitians and 
their friends everywhere to participate in the economic development of the 

If someone in the States knows that their friend or family member has opened 
an account in Haiti with Fonkoze, they can make deposits into that account 
HERE IN THE U.S. for a flat fee of $10 per deposit. All they have to do is 
send a check, money order, or wire transfer to Fonkoze's bank in New Jersey. 
Funds will be available to family and friends anywhere in Haiti within 24 
hours of their receipt at the New Jersey bank. In this way they can 
accomplish several things at once -- introduce the person to the advantages 
of having a savings account, get the money to them much more cheaply than 
through a money transfer service, and participate themselves in the economic 
development of the country.

More and more of the parishes in the U.S. that are "twinned" with parishes in 
Haiti use our services all the time to get funds to their twins in Haiti. 
They really love the personal attention they receive, and the assurance that 
their funds are put to work as quickly as possible. 

In addition, we have heard tales of people trying to carry a lot of cash with 
them to Haiti . . . with disastrous results. If they have an account with 
Fonkoze in Haiti, they can deposit the funds here in the U.S. and then 
withdraw them when they arrive in Port-au-Prince or Okap or Jeremi or Lagonav 
or anywhere else in the country. This is a much safer alternative.

It is important for someone interested in using this service to contact me 
first so we can be certain that we track the funds carefully. I will alert 
the customer when the funds have arrived at the N.J. bank, alert them when 
they have been deposited in Haiti, and even send them a confirmation when the 
client comes to withdraw them if they'd like. Many of my clients claim they 
receive better attention from Fonkoze than they do from their own local bank!

Dominique Claude
Fonkoze International Customer Service Representative
E-mail: fundnotice@aol.com
Tel: (800) 293-0308