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#2696: Dr. Pompilus will be missed : a comment


Corbett Friends,
Dr. Pompilus is one of the few Haitian academia that I never met, wrote to, 
had any contact with or had even seen his picture  though I always want to 
try to meet him every time I go to Haiti. Does any one know whether or not  
he presented in any conference in the U.S in the last 10 to 25 years? I don't 
remember ever see his name mention in any newspaper or magazine regarding his 
visits or presentations in the U.S.

I always value his writings on Haitian Creole as well as other books he 
wrote. If one reads one of my texts that was published on <windowsonhaiti> 
last December, I quoted a phrase from the   book  " Louis Joseph Janvier, Par 
lui meme" that Dr. Pradel Pompilus had written.
It will be nice of Joel if he would post the excerpts he talked about if he 
finds them. 

I will always regret that I never meet Dr. Pompilus. May the Almighty bless 
his soul!
As Haitians say in French" Que la terre lui soit legEre."