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#2695: Reply to Antoine (fwd)


> How the Vodou clergy in Haiti helps the Vodouisants in their temporal lives 
and their human > and economic development?

The Vodoun clergy is as affected by the economic crisis Haïti is going trough 
as most of the Haitian population.

Nevertheless, one has to remember that Vodoun was at the very core of the 
foundation of our Nation. Today our hounfò are still a model of what 
independence means and we should feel proud that they have survived in spite 
of the many attacks against them. Hougans and Mambos do not ask for charity 
from anyone.

Our  "manjé pòv", our  "manjé prisonyé" are good examples of  altruism in 
Our public services are times of sharing among all participants and 
spectators alike. 

Our hounfò are still the place where all Haitians can feel proud of their 
heritage and of whom they are. This may have no monetary value but what is 
the economic value of spirituality and morality in any society? To say the 
least, it maintains a healthy, balanced society capable of facing the 
multiple challenges of life.

If some Hougans or Mambos in Haiti have to resort to mercantilism to exists, 
it only happens for a limited period of time.

"Si n'tonbé, na levé" , if we fall we shall rise again (extract from a Vodoun 

Bébé Pierre Louis