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#2700: Politics of Drug Certification: Dorce comments


In a message dated 03/04/2000 12:53:45 PM Pacific Standard Time, Lynn Selby 
<lynnselby@yahoo.com writes:

<< It is interesting to think of the U.S.'s
 responsibility of reducing the demand for drugs on the
 part of its consumers, and how this would impact the
 drug trade in Haiti.  >>
It was September or October of 1984 and I was staying at the Oloffson in one 
of the two rooms looking over the pool.  As usual there was an interesting 
group staying there or just coming over for dinner.  As I was vacationing 
alone, an American man who was staying elsewhere asked me if I would have 
dinner with him and I accepted.  He was trying to impress me so he was 
forthcoming about his status with the US government and what he was doing in 
Haiti....he whispered this to me conspiratorially.  He said he was with the 
Treasury Department (I think....) and was investigating whether Haiti was 
being used as a conduit for drugs.  I may have laughed, as it was my 
impression that Haiti was comparatively drug free but he stopped me with a 
stern look. He assured me it was no joke and he was going to look everywhere 
for evidence of it.  Years later, it occurs to me that this man may have been 
an agent for the US government all right, but instead of ferreting out drug 
smuggling, perhaps he was looking for ways and means of same for CIA (read 
nefarious) purposes.  I know that sounds paranoid but all things are not 
above the table and as they seem.  I wonder if Suzanne Seitz remembers this 
man.  I found him unlikable.  If the US government was wise to Colombia using 
Haiti as a staging place to transport cocaine into the states in 1984 at the 
infant stage, why then has it blossomed to the horrific monster it is now??  
Verrrrrry interesting if you ask me.

Kathy DorcÚ