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#2701: Painting With A Broad Brush (fwd)

From: J. Don Barnett <jdonb@juno.com>

The indictment against all missionaries as guilty of informing the
Haitian people that they are cursed with 'the mark of Cain' is a
generalization of the worst kind.  While I don't doubt that Bon Mambo had
the experience of hearing this first hand it is certainly not the message
preached by the overwhelming majority of missionaries serving the Haitian
people.  I was a missionary in Haiti for almost seven years and can
testify first hand.  Most missionaries are as equally appalled by the
very small segment of the missionary community who preach this garbage as
is Bon Mambo.  All of us share in the responsibility of liberating the
Haitian people from their suffering, and this type of generalization of
all missionaries does not serve this purpose. "Sa bon ki ra" is not just
"good is rare" but "what is rare is good."  It is very good that this
type of preaching by missionaries is rare.
J. Don Barnett
Friend of Haiti