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#271: Reply to Grey from Gill

From: Mark Gill <markgill@midwest.net>

 Hougans and Mambos do not ask for charity
> from anyone.

         now, this is a broad brush generalization....
         i cant even recall how many times the hougans around Camp
Perrin/Les Cayes came asking for items that had been given to other folk
in the countryside....in fact, they demanded that they be allowed to
receive all the items being given so they could give them to the
people......we would most assuredly not do this, for they had a known
reputation for taking "foreign help" and then selling it to those who
needed it....

   they were totally corrupt....and, always asking.....at one point, one
hougan wanted 30 folding metal chairs, as he knew we had them.....when
the asnwer "no" was given, they threatened us with dire

   the idea that hougan/mambo's are somehow different than other people
is simply nonsense....recall how many were makoute under
duvalier.....one can recount many stories about their complicity with
papa doc.....and, the terror they used, along with their corruption.....

  come on!!!  who you trying to fool?  eh?