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#2712: Haitians urged to aid census_ A comment


There's one thing that people aren't willing to admit or say, it is that in 
general, haitian people who can't read and understand and fill out a form in 
english can't do it in any other language. Creole hasn't been a written and 
codified language for that long and, even now, the creolophiles to the 
countrary, there isn['t yet a generally accepted codified creole orthograph 
that at least fifty per cent of the population can read, for the simple 
reason that fifty per cent of the population can't read proficiently enough 
to understand a complicated form. And that's where those "uncounted" ones 
come from. I would venture to say that most of them would more quicly and 
better understand a form printed in englisgh. So there needs to be some other 
ways than just "bureaucratic forms" or "papiers" as they would say to reach 
these people and count them.
 Math Jerome