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#2752: Re: #2738: Cornerstone Ministries Text : a comment


"Boukman...secret meeting...satanic ceremony...serve the devil."
Whoa!!! ! I'm currently reading Carolyn Fick's "The Making of Haiti" and
recently re-read CLR Jame's "Black Jacobins." I don't remember reading about
devil worshipers in either book. Fick's description of the August 14, 1791
meeting, the organization and movement of rebelling slaves freeing themselves by
attacking and burning of hundreds of slave plantations is...well...cinematic. In
fact, this historic movement of African slaves defeating their colonial masters,
the British, Spain and Napoleon's troops needs to be taught in classrooms and
made into an epic historic film like Braveheart or Ran (more on this later.) To
reduce this rebellion down to "devil worship" and a "satanic ceremony"
is laughable. And if it's  Promise Keepers who're calling the Haitian Revolt
"satanic"--don't get me started. At my job I work with a number of Promise
Keepers and I find many, but not all, of these guys to be extremely racist and
narrow-minded. I'm sorry, but these guys are cowards and hide behind their
bibles to conceal their racism and ignorance. I disturbs me that an incredible
piece of history like the Haitian revolt gets hidden and tucked away, and then
attacked by cowards who pretend to be Christians. Check out Fick's book. Check
out the history of the Jesuits in Haitian or the Catholic Church's heroic work
in the Anti-Apartheid movement. I've been to South Africa, twice, and spoke to
courageous churches, black and white, who use their institutions and faith for
what's right!  The Promise Keepers need to keep their noses out of Haiti and
voodoo and start dealing with the racism of white Christians. I've noticed in
the last few years that the Promise Keepers have pulled in a few blacks and have
even donated to  burned-out African American churches. These actions are easy
and take no effort. Promise Keepers should work on the rise in skinhead groups
and Klan and hate groups. Do some hard work - deal with racist Christians in
their membership.