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#2758: A comment on development


I do agree about the broad brush generalization since I was speaking about 
the majority. There might very well be some digressions like in all sectors 
of any society.

Nevertheless some things should be clarified. 

You speak about how the Hougans around Camp Perrin who came asking for items. 
- Are you sure they were Hougans? There are very few Hougans in the Cayes 
area. You probably speak about President of societies.

But it doesn't really matter. You know very well that by giving freely to the 
"folks in the countryside", you are attempting to destroy the very core of 
the traditional society? Making the folks independant of their traditional 
structure and dependant of foreign aid to a point of no return?

It's interesting to see that in Africa, today, when the French decide to 
start a new project in one of their ex-colonies (where they don't really want 
to look like they are coming back with new ideas of conquest), they first 
visit the traditional priest or leader who then assembles the villagers to 
decide with them if the project is acceptable or not. I see this as a sign of 
 basic respect of any culture (I am not speaking of their ulterior motives).

Vodoun temples, secret societies are well known to be places where the most 
needy finds help. The leaders of those communities know their people and can 
judge whom or where to give. How much do our new dogooders know?

Those distribution of goods are just a way to divide our communities. 
"Diviser pour mieux reigner" is an old principle of conquest. I can't help to 
wonder who are the most civilized, the Haitians or the invaders?

I agree with Patrick for your attacks on the makouts, that was quite unfair. 
Makouts were everywhere and have been replaced by new ones. Same story, same 
purposes from the same people with the same objective.

Bébé Pierre Louis.