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#2759: Reply to Leslie (fwd)

From: John Pilling <jldjk@gis.net>

I have not posted on this list in quite some time, however, recent posts
relating to Christians & Missionaries (and not always necessarily to
Haiti) have prompted me to break my silence.  I've enjoyed this list for
about a year and a half and am not one to "mix it up" in the debates
that quite often dominate the posts.  One of the things that attracted
me to this list was the diversity of people on the list and the
knowledge and experience that each brought to the list.  What I am
seeing now is a list more hostile to those list members who are
Christians and/or Missionaries, both of which I profess to be.  I
thought that the list was meant for the sharing of ideas and interests
regarding a subject that we all shared a passion for, regardless of our
individual walks in life, namely, Haiti.

I think we are now veering off the Haiti track and see people jumping
out to castigate some Christian group or another (i.e., Promise Keepers
in Haiti-I did'nt know they were even in Haiti), not for the sake of
promoting the sharing of ideas about Haiti, but merely to vent their own
pet hostility towards Christianity.  This kind of speech promotes
nothing productive and only lends to an unsafe and hostile haven for
those on the list who profess Christian beliefs.

Okay, I'll admit that I once attended a Promise Keepers rally and there
were many many more than a few black and hispanics too, and not one bit
of their message that weekend had anything to do with Haiti or voudou.