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#2787: Haitian genealogy

From: gilles hudicourt <hudic@videotron.ca>

Our website database of civil registers from the Archives nationales d'Ha´ti
was updated this morning.  It now contains 1455 records of 1803-1804 with
6833 names, including the June 1804 marriage of James Stedman, an an
American from South Carolina (son of James Stedman and Sarah MacLean).  This
33 year old gentleman declares in the same act his four children with his
new bride (Jane Bouillac), the eldest of which is 11.  Considering this
wedding took place just two months after the massacre of all whites... His
four witnesses have english names although their nationality is not
mentionned (James Booth, Charles Smith, Samuel Helme and Samuel Dawson)

The website is at www.agh.qc.ca