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#2786: Haitian historians (re A. Coradin's recent post) (fwd)

From: Carrol Coates <ccoates@binghamton.edu>

Subject:  Haitian historians important to be remembered

Bob, I did not preserve Ahpaly's recent message, so I can't give the
number.  He mentioned a certain number of Haitian historians among whom
were several I have put to good use.  He did not mention his own father
(through excessive modesty):
	Jean D. Coradin, HISTOIRE DIPLOMATIQUE D'HAITI (Port-au-Prince:  Editions
des Antilles, 1988-1995).  The volumes are as follows::
	I.  1804-1843 (pub. 1988)
	II. 1143-1870 (pub. 1995)
	III.  1870-1905 (pub. 1995).
For the moment at least, it should be available from the several Haitian
book distributors we know--but only the original French text so far.

Carrol F. Coates
Binghamton University--SUNY
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