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#2816: Ministre d'etat des cultes : a comment


Keywords:  British Methodist Missionary Society, Catts, Pressoir, Methodist 
Church of Haiti, Leslie Griffiths, History of Methodism in Haiti, Imprimerie 
Méthodiste - D.E.L., Marilyn Mason


Subj:   Re: #2813: Ministre d'etat des cultes (fwd) Mason shares source
Date:   03/12/2000 2:30:15 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:   MIT2Haiti
To: bcorbett@netcom.com



In Griffiths, Leslie.  History of Methodism in Haiti, Imprimerie Méthodiste - 
D.E.L., Port-au-Prince, Haïti, 1991, you will find even more details 
regarding the very early British Protestant influence in Haiti.

In this volume, Griffiths gives bibliographic information he derived from the 
earliest British Methodist Missionary Society records, as well as that 
derived from archive sources in Haiti.  Catts and Pressoir factor heavily in 
these accounts.

I visited with Leslie and his wife (former Haiti colleagues of mine; I served 
at the Imprimerie Méthodiste - D.E.L., Port-au-Prince, Haïti, from 1976-77) 
in London this past October on my way to the Seychelles for their Creole 
Language Symposium and Creole Festival.

Leslie, a commentator for the BBC, is somewhat resisting the Internet (so he 
does not publish his e-mail address), but he can be contacted for more 
information (he researched this subject for his Ph.D.) at:

Rev. Dr. Leslie J. Griffiths, M.A.
Superintendent Minister
Wesley's Chapel and Leysian Centre
49 City Road
London, EC1Y 1AU

He also delivered a talk at the Convocation on United Methodist Haitian 
Ministries, held in Miami, FL, November 10-12, 1990, entitled "What We Can 
Learn From the Methodist Church of Haiti" (the early British church influence 
and Catts and Pressoir factor heavily in this account).

Because I taped and then transcribed and then was the responsible person for 
publishing the official documentation from that Convocation, I have the 
electronic text of his message, which you can request by e-mailing me at:




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