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#2817: Re Polish presence in Haiti : Judson comments


    I read, with interest, the note from Jacqueline Labrom concerning the 
Polish presence in Haiti.  The image of Erzuli Dantor (sp?) is prominently 
displayed in at least one Hungan's complex well known to me.  This image is 
nearly identical to that of the Black Madonna or Our Lady Of  Czestochowa, 
the original of which is located in Central Poland in the town of 
Czestochowa.  It would be interesting to get more information as to how this 
very old and famous painting found its way into the realm of Voodoo.  The 
Haitian stroy is that this Erzuli battled with Erzuli Freda for Dantor's 
child and that the scratches on Dantor's cheeks came from this fight.  In the 
original Polish paining, my understanding is that the scratches were 
artifacts related to cutting the camvas during its original re-discovery.  
Anyone got any other ideas?

John Judson