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#2821: questions about chadek (sp?) and the X files (fwd)

From: Jeffrey Leon <jbleon@malone.edu>

When I go to Haiti, I look forward to drinking juice from Chadek (not sure
if I am spelling that correctly).  I have been told that it is grapefruit
but it does not taste like any grapefruit that I have ever had.  Is the
chadek some special speices of grapefruit found only in Haiti or is it just
everday grape fruit that is not pumped full our of 'helpful' fertilizers?
Can you get them here in the states?

Not related --

I meant to watch the X files last night, b/c of the description in the paper
mentioned 'voodoo', but I missed a lot of it.   I am wondering if any of you
that practice voudou saw it, and wandering what you thought.

Jeffrey Leon