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#2822: Haiti election row intensifies (fwd)


Saturday, 11 March, 2000, 01:56 GMT 
Haiti election row intensifies
 From the newsroom of the BBC World Service    
A dispute over delayed elections in Haiti has intensified after the
electoral authorities dismissed a warning by the president, Rene      
Preval, about the latest timetable for voting.The Provisional Electoral
Council said that the elections had already been postponed three       
times and that any further delay would undermine Haiti's international
credibility. On Thursday, Mr Preval rejected a decision to re-schedule
the voting in April, saying it had been taken without his approval.   
The United Nations has urged Haiti to hold free and fair elections as
soon as possible as a way of restoring parliament, which was dissolved 
last year. Ten thousand elected posts across Haiti remain vacant and Mr
Preval has been ruling by