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#2831: questions about chadek : a reply


Haitian grapefruit, called chadeque by the locals (written chadique in some 
books) seems to be a grapefruit variety that grows wild in Haiti and other 
caribbean islands like the Bahamas and Jamaica. However, according to Julia 
Morton, the jamaican grapefrruit or "smaller shaddock" is much smaller than 
the haitian chadeque.The name chadeque incidentally is the same as Shaddock 
the name of the Pumelo, a very large citrus native to Southeast Asia whose 
Dutch name of pompelmoes, pampelmus in german gave rise to the name 
pamplemousse in french, which is what the haitian chadeque is sometimes 
called. Confusion confusion. So don't feel so bad if you don't know how to 
spell the  name chadeque or shaddock. Incidentally, no I don't believe 
fertilizers have anything to do with chadeque being different from the many 
varieties of grapefruit encountered in the US. It's just another variety of 
     Math Jerome