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#2832:Re: the X files " a reply

From: Nadine <anacaona@dsuper.net>

Jeffrey Leon:

> I meant to watch the X files last night, b/c of the description in the paper
> mentioned 'voodoo', but I missed a lot of it.   I am wondering if any of you
> that practice voudou saw it, and wandering what you thought.
> Jeffrey Leon
> jbleon@malone.edu

The show didn't actually speak about Vaudou or any other Vodun derived
religions - they firmly placed the magic, spells and dolls in the European
tradition of folk/peasant magic [the "bad guy" was Appalachian, "hillbilly".
Like "White trash/crackers", "hillbillies" are some the rare groups of White
people thoroughly mocked in mainstream culture.].
For once, they spared Haitians/Africans, but ragged on someone else instead. As
for the accuracy of the depiction - there are a lot of online pagans who are
probably discussing this as we speak. [BTW: pagan is not used in a pejorative
sense here, but describes people who practice pre-Christian European
religions.  Paganism FAQ http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/faqs/paganism.txt]