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#2833: The band Simbi. Behrman replies

From: Dan Behrman <immigrant@videotron.ca>

In response to Alison's e-mail about Simbi, please let me ad the following:

Simbi is an 8-piece Vodou-Roots group from Gvteborg, Sweden which has been
in existence since 1989. The band is headed by saxophonist/percussionist and
singer Sten Kdllman who has also been very active on the Swedish music scene
with groups such as: Filarfolket, Den F|le, Riff-Ola, Mvller, Kdllman,

Sten Kdllman went to Haiti with his wife Sana in the mid '80's in a study
program to study Creole and Haitian culture. They stayed several months
during which they were introduced to the traditionnal Vodou communities of
Lakou Soukri and Lakou Souvenans. They also met the founders of Boukman
Eksperyans who turned them on to all the different Vodou rhythms, traditions
and rituals.

Simbi released its first album entitled "Vodou Beat" on Imogena Records,
Sweden in 1992. This album was subsequently released in the U.S. on Green
Linnet/Xenophile Records in 1995 (XENO 4038). 

A second album entitled "Kreol" was released in Sweden also on Imogena
Records (IGCD 059), however, this album is only available in North America
on import through Allegro Music.com.

A piece by Simbi can also be found on the "Bouyon Rasin-Live in Haiti"
(Global Beat Records # 9601) and their music has been featured on the
soundtrack of USA Network's "The Big Easy" which aired in the U.S. and
abroad around 1997 or so.

Simbi has done a pan-Canadian Tour in 1996 with dates in Montreal, Winnipeg,
Calgary and Vancouver and has performed in New York City (SOB's, 1996),
Boston (Johnny D's 1996), and in Miami (Rasin '99 Festival, 1999). The band
has also performed several times in Port-au-Prince at the Cafi des Arts.

As of now, Simbi is composed of 6 Swedes, 1 percussionist from Gambia and a
singer from Gabon.

Sten Kdllman is also actively involved as an arranger of Haitian
traditionnal folk songs with another Swedish group, Amanda which is a vocal
ensemble based in Gvteborg and which has released a beautiful cd which
should be in the collection of every amateur of Haitian traditionnal 

Amanda: "Cafi Criole" (CCn'C Records, LC 00963, Germany. See website at:

For further details and/or questions regarding Simbi or Amanda, please feel
free to contact me at: immigrant@videotron.ca

Thank you and kembe la!

Dan Behrman, Immigrant Music, Inc.
Simbi's North American Manager
Former Manager of Boukman Ekspiryans
Advisor for Foula Vodouli