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#2834: Who is Edmound Mangones?

>From Bob Corbett:

I am terribly behind in recording books into my library program and
getting them shelved, probably 50 of more items behind.  Thus today
I got a delightful surprised when I attacked the pile a bit and pulled
up an item I had no idea in the world I owned.  It is a small book of
a 1952 lecture given in Jamaica by Michelson Paul Hyppolite.  

The book is in English and published in Port-au-Prince in 1953 by

What intrigued me are the simply beautiful and very delicate illustrations
by Edmound Mangones.  I just fell in love with them.  Does anyone out
there know who this is and was he a known artist?  There are only five
of them, so perhaps one of these days I can scan them and put them on
my web site.  But first, who is this illustrator?

This process of getting to books which I must have purchased as long
ago as six months is quite fun.  I am discovering stuff I had not idea
was here and found one item which I purchased TWICE!  Ah, the failing
memory of the elderly.

Thanks for any help,  Bob Corbett