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#2842: FWD - Oxford English Dictionary adds "Macoute" to listings (fwd)



Macoute? You Can Look It Up 
Updated 11:33 AM ET March 14, 2000 

LONDON (Reuters) - The venerable Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is going 
online with a flurry of new words.

The international flavor of today's English is illustrated as macoute -- a 
Haitian term for a bad man -- maginnis -- an Australian wrestling hold -- and 
mack -- meaning a 'smooth' seductive talker in the United States -- join 
other new words from around the world.

If you are in KwaZulu-Natal you should be careful of mafufunyana -- a form of 
hysteria often believed to be the result of evil spirits while in Canada a 
macoun is an apple.

The M entries are being revised first because researchers wanted to work on a 
section which had a consistent editorial style rather than entries earlier in 
the alphabet that were made before a pronounced style had really developed, 
the OED said.

John Simpson, chief editor of the OED, said: "Delivering the OED online will 
represent the achievement of a major goal, but this is only part of the 

More than 300 staff and advisers are completely revising the OED -- the first 
revision since it was originally completed in 1928. 


Peace and love,

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