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#2843: Public function in Ayiti should be a no pay job (fwd)

From: Jean Poincy <caineve@idt.net>

Because Ayiti offers no opportunity for self-development, individuals
wanting to better themselves become politicians by default. As a result
mediocre minds have been steering the wheels of the Ayitian government. 
It is pointless to condemn those individuals because integrating the
government is their only way out. Their behavior conditioned by the need
to survive is inherent to mankind. 

On Corbettland much have been discussed on an appropriate form of
government for Ayiti. I, particularly, favor a benevolent authoritarian
ruling while others praise a democratic form of government. We need to
keep in mind, however, that the form of government does not really
matter. For the state of things depends on the quality of mind of those
in leadership and administrative positions. 

If the transition from dictatorship to democracy made matters worse, the
culprit can hardly be the form of government. Hence a search for a more
appropriate form of government is fruitless.  A while back, Antoine
asked to outline the leadership characteristics to determine the kind of
leaders Ayiti must have to change the situation. It's a legit concern.

I am sure that with not much difficulty such a leader can be found.
However, the finding would be a zero sum process. The wrong kinds, who
are politicians by default, predominate the scene and leave no
opportunities to those with merit to prove themself.  A leader's good
profile just won't help. 

If the aim is to change things, flowing from one form of government to
another is not the way to go. In fact, the key is to make government
financially unattractive; that would neutralize politicians by default
seeking for survival means. A revised constitution would make all public
functions a no pay job, except those that can be obtained through a
credible merit system.

Then, the system would host competent individuals whom would partake in
the process just for the sake of it.  Only when they would exert
themselves to perform their functions justly and effectively. Their
voluntary involvement would be out of nobleness.   

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live