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#2844: Internet Service Provider Survey (fwd)

From: Jean Marcel Wah, Jr. <marcel@studiowah.com>

The Diaspora Group, a for-profit organization of Haitians, is conducting
this survey of Haitians, Haitian-Americans, people of Haitian-descent, and
Friends of Haiti to gather their opinions on technology.  Would you take 5
minutes to answer a few questions?  We are offering a small gift to the
first 50 people who completes this survey (a beautifully colored mouse
pad--please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery).  Please be sure to include your
name and mailing address at the end of the survey.  Thank you for your

1.  Do you own a computer in your home? YES  NO
     1a. How many?__________
2.  Do you currently have an Internet connection in your home? IF NO, SKIP TO
3.  How often do you use the Internet or the Web?
    ___ Many times during the day
    ___ Daily
    ___ Weekly
    ___ Monthly
    ___ Almost never
4. What applications do you use on the Internet?
    ___ E-mail
    ___ Surf the web
    ___ Chat
    ___ Search for specific websites
    ___ Others, please list:___________________________________
5.  Who is your Internet Service Provider?______________________
    DEFINITION, if needed: An Internet Service Provider is a company that
provides access to the Internet through a telephone dial-up service (or digital
line) using browser software (e.g. Netscape, Explorer or America Online) and
usually includes an e-mail address and other services.
    ___ America Online
    ___ AT&T WorldNet
    ___ Compuserve
    ___ Concentric
    ___ Mindspring/Earthlink
    ___ MSN
    ___ Prodigy
    ___ Phone company e.g. BellAtlantic, Pacific Bell, BellSouth
    ___ Other________________________________________________
6.  How much do you pay monthly:
    ___ Less than $10
    ___ Over $25
7.  How satisfied would you say you are with your current Internet service?
   ___not satisfied
   ___somewhat satisfied
   ___very satisfied
8.  If there was a Haitian Internet Service Provider offering Internet
access, email, and other services that would benefit you and others in the
Haitian Diaspora, would you consider switching your service or opening a new
account? YES  NO
   a.  IF YES, what services would be most important to you?
    ___ Internet access  - Web surfing and search
    ___ E-mail
    ___ Live Chat Rooms
    ___ Information and news about Haiti and Haitians in the United
    ___ Others, please list:___________________________________
   b.  IF NO, why?

We would like to thank you for participating in this survey.  As a  thank you,
we would like to send you a small gift.  Please fill in your name and
address for proper shipment.  Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Your Name ____________________________
Your Mailing Address

Your E-mail Address _____________________
Phone (Optional)      ______________________


Ends Here

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The Diaspora Group
P.O. Box 9041
Berkeley, CA 94709-0041
Phone 510-232-2278
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email: marcel@studiowah.com