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#2921: St. Martial Library (fwd)

From: madison bell <mbell@goucher.edu>

>Concerning the Saint Martial Library-- official title is I believe La 
>Bibliotheque Haitienne des Peres du Saint Esprit-- many of the rare titles 
>are available for sale in a CD ROM format.  The library hopes to finance 
>its operations through such sales and has had some success.  I have worked 
>with current curator Ephele Milce on this project for a couple of years 
>and have bought a number of such CDs for my own use.  The materials are 
>suitable for purchase by institutional libraries-- and some of them are 
>virtually unfindable anywhere else.  Academics of Corbettland please take 
>I have hard copy of the catalogue which I will furnish free of charge upon 
>request.  please write directly to me, not Bob Corbett.