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#2920: Needs help with documentary on Haitian Revolution


Haitian Documentary

My name is Michael Leslie and I'm a grad student at Wayne State University and I
work as a freelance writer and film grip. On March 27, 2000  I'm going to Haiti
with my church, Sacred Heart, Detroit, to visit  St. Hubert Parish in Ennery,
Haiti. I'll be bringing along a video camera to record the trip for a short
presentation for  Sacred Heart Church. My other reason for taking this trip is,
since 1971, after reading CLR James's The Black Jacobins I've  been fascinated
by the 1790-1804 Haitian  Revolution  I'm particularly interested in Napoleon's
defeat in Haiti and Fort Citadel in Cap-Haitien.
I plan to produce a  historical documentary on the Haitian Revolution.  The
project will take roughly 1-2 years to produce. I'm still doing the research and
am in contact with a number of Detroit-based Haitians and Bob Corbett's Haiti
Study group.  I've finished Carolyn Fick's The Making of Haiti. Corbett
recommended it. It's a  wonderful work.
I'm  interested in hearing from the Haitian community (and non-Haitians) on what
focus this project should take: who are the key individuals in this revolt;
should the focus be on the mass movements, leaders like Toussaint L'Ouverture,
Christophe, Boukman or Dessalines; or, what role did women play in the
Revolution, etc., etc.
In Haiti, we'll be starting at Port-au-Prince, then to Petionville, to
Montrouis, Saint-Marc, Lafond, Gonaives, Ennery, Limbe and ending at
Cap-Haitien. If you know of historic sites in, or near, any of these cities
please contact me.
Michael Leslie
20070 Shrewsbury
Detroit, Michigan 48221
734-481-5070 wk
313-342-1823 hm