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#2985: Re: On making public functions in Ayiti financially unattractive : Poincy comments

From: Jean Poincy <caineve@idt.net>

Calling on making public function in Ayiti a no paying job is very much
in contradiction with the Duvaliers' philosophy of public
administration. It was no question of a public official not having a
salary. Those who were not even in government were having a salary. The
phenomenon of "chk zonbi" exemplifies the Duvaliers' era very well.  My
thoughts on Dr. Francois Duvalier are well known on the list and I never
tried to conceal them.

I don't know of any public function in all societies where officials can
build great wealth. If they do, it is hardly legit.  Public functions
can be well paid and officials can live well. Remember that I said Ayiti
would need to make public functions financially unattractive. Not only
elected officials would not receive a salary, they would not have the
possibility to administer public funds, that is part of financially
unattractive. How to devise the means to make it so is a matter of
discussion, brainstorming and debate.

Members of parliament would be there to enact laws and overlook the well
function of agencies conceived to administer funds. These would be
filled with administrators prescreened through a strong merit system.
They would have a decent salary. Executive would be there to make
effective collective decisions and fine tune the process.

In Ayiti, mediocre minds enter into politics for the sole reason of
getting their hands on lucrative activities.  General/open elections
which don't discriminate are an easy way for them.  Anyone can run for
office. No guidelines on competence are set.

If these seeming lucrative activities become exclusively the turf of
competent administrators with full support of the constitution, the
mediocre minds would no longer be attracted to public offices. This is
in fact the aim we need to reach: keeping mediocre minds away from

Astute players as they might be when their survival is at stake, they
would shift gear and target the agencies. Remember, only the agencies
will have control of public finances. The mediocre minds would have two
major roadblocks, as they would attempt to entry. They would lack the
requirements and probably would fail evaluation for entry. Only those
with proven skills, abilities, competence and good judgment would be

Finally, we would have the well-intended and competent individuals going
through elections for the sake of doing good politics. Definitely, not
having a salary from a job would require some degree of prior financial
means to survive. The aspirants would have to determine themselves how
they would go about. Being in office, they would be held accountable for
all government activities.  All failures would result to disciplinary
actions that can be translated into jail terms or lost of their
citizens' privileges.

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live