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#2983: Re the Dorismond case: two comments


By unsealing Dorismond's records after his death, should one imply that any 
individual who committed a mistake in his teen age years may risk to have, at 
some point in his/her future, records re-opened and exposed to the public?

Seems to me that parents throughout the country who had their teenage child 
caught by the police for any undesirable behavior need to be worried that any 
offense that was supposedly sealed could be unsealed and used as downer on  
their children's future....

Also, referring to  Giuliani's comments that Patrick Dorismond brought death 
upon himself, does this mean that adults with a couple of mistakes in their 
teen aged years are automatically at fault when they encounter a situation 
such as Dorismond's?

Parents in America need to brace themselves then...


From: Woelson@aol.com

Forget about politics; as the mayor of New York City, and as a parent, 
shouldn't Rudolph Giuliani agree to reach out to the Dorismond family and the 
Haitian community? 

Does he think that being Black and Haitian immigrants make our feelings as 
parents, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends any weaker?

Or does is simply think that how we feel just doesn't matter?

Should this be the case, God help us!