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#2995: Re: On making public functions in Ayiti financially unattractive : Gill replies to Poincy


from my read of Jean Poincy's latest post, he seems to be calling for a
professional civil service that would actually administer govt functions,
thereby taking such functions out of the hands of elected politicos.....

if the ability to hone one's ability to steal was removed from the "list of
perks" that goes along with political positions, and IF such a civil service
was itself "policed" so that it  too could be prevented from practicing the
art of stealing, and if it had a competent review board to determine
accountability, this might produce the result Mr. Poincy desires.......

the problem of course, is that one must create some sort of institutional
integrity for such a civil service and potential office seekers would have
to acknowledge its role.......

the question is:  would the current political class tolerate such a change?
how could such change occur without somehow showing this "class" the benefit
of having such a civil service?

politically speaking, one still has to consider the positions taken by this
class, considering their "hold" on the economy......