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#2994: Haitian Cultural Event : Philadelphia

From: Dave Fonda <fonphoto@snip.net>

The Dessalines Haitian Students Association 
at the University of Pennsylvania proudly presents:

A Day of Haitian Culture for Haitian Solidarity

	...a day of discussion...   dance...   dinner... 
			and musical performance featuring    BOUKMAN EKSPERYANS !...

Saturday, 1 April  2000
 3820 Locust Walk
on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

 	2:30 pm	--	Panel featuring Haitian writers, activists, and scholars Margaret Armand, 
 				Steve Brunache, Henry Frank, Joanne Hyppolite
 	4:30 pm	--	Presentation by Fonkoze, Haitišs Alternative Bank for the Organized Poor
 	5:30 pm	--	Performance by Haitian Dance Troupe
 	6:30 pm	--	Dinner, with Haitian cuisine
 	9:00 pm	--	BOUKMAN EKSPERYANS  Concert !!!!!

***  $10.00 for concert;  donations are welcome for daily events

for more information call 215.417.4289 or visit our webpage at http://dolphin.upenn.edu/~dhsa/

R E S P E C T;

     Dave Fonda

F O N D A   P H O T O G R A P H I C
Corporate, Industrial & Documentary
 610.279.8525      610.279.5978-f

'Sa je pa we, ke pa tounen.'

'What the eye doesn't see, doesn't move the heart.'