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#2993: Melee Erupts Following Dorismond Funeral (fwd)


Melee Erupts Following Dorismond  Funeral MARCH 25TH, 2000  From NY1

Immediately following the funeral services for Patrick Dorismond,
violence erupted. Dozens of bottles were thrown as those gathered at the
funeral pushed through the barricades and into the police.  The violence
broke out as the hearse carrying  Dorismond's body left the church.    
As the crowd waded into the street, they pushed into  the human wall of
police and punches were exchanged  between police and the people. An EMS
official reports  as many as 30 police officers were injured in the   
clash. We have no reports yet as to other injuries, or totals on
arrests. Police have set up many barricades and the flash of          
violence seems to have subsided, though the  atmosphere is described as
"tense" and "ugly."   During the funeral services, Patrick
Dorismond'smother Marie collapsed as she stood over the coffin.       
She was carried out by the crowd.