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#3080: What does insecurity mean to haitians? Auguste replies to Ruckle


Keywords: Insecurity. Tires. Burning. Protests. Riots. Roads. Pollution. 
Respiratory diseases. 

Dear Mr. Ruckle:
I am just asking for some clarification. In a recent post you unequivocally 
accused the New York Times of staging a riot in Haiti for a picture 
opportunity. When you are asked for proof beyond a reasonable doubt to 
support your allegation you now answer 

"When I was in Haiti, people witnessed a photographer paying 'rioters'
 to smash cars, a picture
 which subsequently appeared in the New York Times. Presumably, he/she
 was working directly for that newspaper. If not, you all need to be
 more careful where you buy free-lance photos."

"If not........."

That hardly can pass as proof. 
Aren't you now going further on a limb? 
You seem to be edging a bit, no?
Shouldn't you be more careful regarding what you claim is the truth. 
And you are a man of cloth?

By the way, burning tires outdoor as it is frequently done in Haiti is not 
nonthreatening as you claim, in Port-au-Prince or anywhere else for that 
matter. It releases toxic fumes into the air. It pollutes. It is not the best 
prescription for any person suffering from respiratory diseases such as 
asthma or emphysema. 

If the objective of the protesters is just to block the roads, piling tires 
sky high minus the burning will provide the desired result. More civilized, 
wouldn't you say. Think about it. That way the protesters can use the same 
tires to block streets, avenues, boulevards, roads, footpaths, trails, over 
and over again. A ready made stash of tires for protests. 

In case you are wondering. No, I do not work for the New York Times.