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#3081: Adolf Giuliani walks in and Haitian clergy walk out (fwd)


A score of Black clergymen walked out on Giuliani and he didn't call them any 
name?  This is out of character for Giuliani, and besides I didn't think the 
good clergymen had it in them.  Could that meeting be actually setting the 
stage for a more heartful encounter between the two parties?  The Haitian 
community had been so scornful of late of both Giuliani and his "friends" 
that the good clergymen may have felt the need to showcase a little 
independence before actually sitting down with Mayor Adolf.  But their sole 
demand of an apology for Giuliani's badmouthing of Patrick Dorismond is 
simply a fig leaf to hide their subservience to City Hall.

So what if Giuliani apologizes?  Does it follow that the police will destroy 
the thousands of fingerprints and police records contrived for so-called 
truant youth, too often picked up by the police on their way to school?  Does 
it follow that Giuliani will actually stop his war against black youth?  Not 
likely.  The only safe way to stop Giuliani is to drive him out of City Hall. 
 The distinguished clergymen should tune in to the community.  And when they 
meet again with Giuliani, they should ask him to step down for the good of 
the city.  But don't hold your breath.

Daniel Simidor