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#3108: Notes from Haiti visit


My first stop when I landed in Tampa, Fla was to go to their art museum to 
check out the Haitian artists showing their works there, as mentioned by a 
listed Corbettite a while back.  IT WAS JUST WONDERFUL !!!!!      Thank you 
to whoever it was who mentioned it, it was wonderful and included a little 
travelogue so my family could see beautiful Haiti.  

Second, I read the book The Magic Orange Tree and Other Haitian Folktales by 
Diane Wolkstein while on vacation too (I am probably the last person on the 
planet to read it, it was so interesting....).  What did I find in the middle 
of the folktale called "The Master Thief" but a description of the questioned 
fruit "chadèque" (pronounced shadek) which she describes as a kind of 
grapefruit  ... does this clear anything up for you fruit-lovers?  

Anyway, if this helps, I am glad.  I am so sorry to hear about the assination 
today in Haiti....intolerance is everywhere!  as ever and always.....