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#3109: Dominique background : Smith responds

From: Merrill Smith <advocacy@bellatlantic.net>

The AP piece posted earlier,

> http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/aponline/20000403/aponline105730_000.htm
> Gunmen Kill Haiti Radio Journalist
> By Michael Norton
> Associated Press Writer
> Monday, April 3, 2000; 10:57 a.m. EDT

reported that 

> The acid-tongued Dominique had often received death threats. His enemies
> ranged from far-right partisans of the 1991 army coup to some far-left
> supporters of Aristide's fragmented populist movement.
> "The only weapon I have is my journalist's profession, my microphone,
> and my unshakable faith as a militant for change, veritable change,"
> Dominique said in an Oct. 17 radio editorial.

Actually, I think this quote is from what was posted as an October _19_
broadcast wherein Dominique lambasted Dany Toussaint for his campaign
against the police and for allegedly sending some 40 demonstrators to
blockade and stone Radio Haiti Inter the day before. 

A transcript of Dominque's broadcast is available at

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