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#3121: Corbett responds to Young on Guiliani

David, I am fundamentally and at root opposed to the policies
of Guiliani.  However, in no way would I have been happy had
he been murdered in Haiti, New York or any other place.  I simply
do not believe in such violence as a way of solving political
difficulties, and would not even welcome the violent death of someone I
hold in the lowest esteem.

Paulo Freire talks a great deal about the oppressed of the world mainly
wanting to overthrow the oppressors in order to themselves become the 
oppressors.  He works to develop a padagogy for the oppressed so that
they may learn ways to attack the oppressors without themselves become
oppressors, and in this way liberating all humans.  I find this notion
most attractive.

I am deeply saddened by the death of Jean Dominique in Haiti, but the
violent death of Rudolph Guiliani would only have made me sadder,
not happier.

Bob Corbett