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#3120: Jean's murder (fwd)

From: David x Young <Frelgo@interport.net>

It's a terrible shame that Rudolf Guiliani and my good friend Jean
Dominique could not have changed places early last Monday morning. That
would have made a lot of us very happy. I've known Jean since 1962
through Herbie Widmaier and a mutual interest in Jazz when I brought
Zoot Sims to visit at Mme Georgette's famous Flamingo restaurant, and
his shocking assassination has closed the door on an era. Our friendship
had more to do with music and a fascination with the arcane than
political harangue, for the Haiti  of the Duvaliers was for me a good
place to live, and that since the zozo priest a disaster, but one had to
respect his world class journalism, his passionate devotion to causes,
often matters so peculiar to Haiti that it sometimes baffled this
visiting fireman,  . Loving Haiti,  I accepted it warts and all--- at
least the Haiti of then. Jean's murder has brought home the ugly fact
that the Haiti of now is a vastly different place and culture. The
dangers now are too random, too incoherent, too cheaply achieved.

David X Young