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#3145: Student inquiry (fwd)

From: kwhite2 <kwhite2@drew.edu>


My name is Krista White.  I'm a subscriber to the list and a student at
Drew University.  I'm contacting list members because I would like to ask
for help.  For a final class paper this semester, I would like to look at
the events that occurred at Patrick Dorismond's funeral with regards to the
situation of social crisis for Haitians (and other immigrant communities as
it applies) in New York City.  

In order to do this, I need to speak or correspond with people who actually
attended the funeral.  I know that there was one message on the list that
pertained directly to mourners' responses to police actions.  I plan to
look in the archives for that message, but I need many more first-person
accounts than this.  Certainly anyone who shares information with me will
recieve a copy of the final paper.

I have no wish to indicate disrespect or devalue the trajedy of Mr.
Dorismond's death.  Rather the opposite.  If my inquiry does so, please
tell me and I will withdraw my request for help with sincerest apologies. 
The intent of my paper is to show how social pressures in New York (as
indicated by the former message on the list) were percieved by members of
the Haitian community.

I welcome questions about myself from anyone wanting to know more about me
and my project.  

Thank you for your consideration.

Krista White