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#3144: Strategic Partnering for Haitian Creole Translation Services (fwd)


Strategic Partnering for Haitian Creole Translation Services

Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd (MIT2), a software developer 
and service provider specialized in language processing solutions 
for Creole languages, and CreoleTrans, a Haitian Creole language 
translation service provider, announce the forming of a strategic 
partnership to co-market and cross-sell their Workflow 
management technologies and translation services in order to 
expand functionality and effectiveness of both companies. 

MIT2, creator of the range of CreoleScan(tm) OCR and 
CreoleConvert(tm) orthography conversion software programs, 
provides written language stabilization solutions and productivity 
tools for processing texts in Creole and other minority and 
vernacular languages. CreoleTrans is comprised of an 
experienced team of Haitian Creole translators and editors and 
has a broad customer base including publishers, universities, 
schools and education systems, and government agencies. 
CreoleTrans would be the first Haitian Creole translation 
provider to use MIT2's software tools for producing and 
validating Creole (source or target language) texts.

For more information, please contact:

Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd
P.O. Box 181015, Boston, Massachusetts 02118 USA
Tel: (+1) 617 247-8885, Fax: (+1) 617 262-8923
E-mail: mit2usa@aol.com
Web: http://hometown.aol.com/mit2usa/Index2.html

470 NE 210 Circle Terrace #203, Miami, FL 33179 USA
Tel: (+1) 305 770-9252, Fax: (+1) 305 690-5933
E-mail: info@creoletrans.com
Web: http://www.creoletrans.com/

Marilyn Mason, President
Mason Integrated Technologies Ltd
P.O. Box 181015
Boston, MA  02118  USA
(617) 247-8885 (office & answering machine)
(617) 262-8923 (FAX)
MariLinc@aol.com (e-mail)
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