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#3149: Need your help... (fwd)

From: Tracey Chapman <tracey@cstone.net>

[PLEASE:  Reply directly to Tracey and not to the list or Bob Corbett]

I work with Susie Krabacher and the Foundation for Worldwide Mercy and
Sharing. We have the ability through donations to provide over 24
Thousand pounds of food, medical supplies and clothing to the children
of Haiti EVERY MONTH!! We have a dilemma right now, which is HOW to get
these things from Denver Colorado every month to Haiti. We are looking
for someone, anyone who may be able to help us find shipping, freight
forwarding connections to het these doantions there on a regular basis
at little or no cost if possible. Can you help?
Please feel free to contact me with any leads you may have. Thanks in
Tracey Chapman
or email me at tracey@cstone.net