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#3150: CANA on Haiti (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <MaxBlanchet@worldnet.att.net>

The Caribbean News Agency (CANA) is the
premier provider of news and information from
the English Caribbean

Media group condemns journalist's killing

Port of Spain, Trinidad, CANA - The Media Association
of Trinidad and Tobago (MATT) on Wednesday joined
with the media fraternity of the wider Caribbean in
condemning the brutal killing of Haitian journalist Jean
Dominique. The 69-year-old Dominique, an outspoken
advocate of democracy, was shot to death in the
courtyard of his radio station on Monday. "We believe
this killing highlights the intrinsic link that exists
between the development and growth of democracy
and the maintenance of a free press," said MATT's
President Wesley Gibbings

U.S. warns Haiti's Préval to keep promise

Washington, CANA - The United States says the
Haitian government risks international isolation if
repeatedly postponed parliamentary elections
are delayed again. And U.S. officials and
congressmen have called for Haitian President René
Préval to promptly set a date for a vote so the
new parliament can take office by June 12 as
mandated by the constitution. Preval closed the
National Assembly 15 months ago and has
ruled the country by decree since then.