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#3243: those dark, dark days : Wilentz asks

From: Amy Wilentz <amywile@panix.com>

here's a question for the list:

If my LATimes piece says that an atmosphere of anger at "ti wouj" was
fostered by people like Dany Toussaint, why does everyone think I've
said something attacking Aristide?

That certainly was NOT my intention. I feel as if I'm missing some part
of the puzzle that everyone else is privy to. Please explain.

The jist of the postings on and off list to me following the appearance
of the LATimes piece was bizarre: Many people seemed to believe that
there was evidence in the piece that the writer thought either Aristide
or the Haitian people could possibly not be disgusted at the murder of
this very decent and brave man.

I was shocked by the reaction. Shocked, but interested. Have I hit a
nerve, and what is that nerve? 

Amy Wilentz