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#3244: The Return of the Dark Days - Chris-Shelane replies to Kozyn

From: chris-shelane <chris-shelane@globelsud.net>

     Kozyn wrote:
>I'm surpised Amy Wilentz didn't see Dominique's assassination for 
what it really was (remember Occam's razor) - yet another attempt to 
silence the voices of those who advocate on behalf of the poor. Who 
benefits from his death Amy? Now work backwards. Voilà chérie, 
there's your assassin.
There's your assassin? Who? I'm sorry, the political debate in Haiti is full of 
vague, ambiguous, enigmatic comments, half-accusations, 'voye monte', or 
sometimes very specific (and very serious) accusations but with absolutely 
nothing to back it up. Did anyone ever get sued for defamation here? Not a 
rhetorical question, I'd really like to know.
So please can we have something more specific? Judging by the remark about the 
poor, John, it seems natural to assume you're pointing the finger at the rich? 
There are a lot of rich people in Haiti. Do they work as one? And is it so clear
that it's the rich? Not to me. Very little is clear to me about Jean's murder.
And sorry i don't know what Occam's razor is, pardon my ignorance.

In the same vein, I wonder if Jepiem could tell us what the 'self profiting 
businesses in direct competition with services that ought to benefit the 
general population' are?

Chris Chapman