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#3250: Wilentz replies to Pina

From: Amy Wilentz <amywile@panix.com>

Kevin: if you just pull quotes and don't put them together with literary
prose, they can certainly be misinterpreted -- that's what you've done,
although I'm sure you think your interpretation is legitimate. 

The implication of the way you've elided my prose is that I think
Aristide has anything to do with any anti-wouj campaign. I don't think
so -- he wouldn't; he doesn't think like that.

Another implication of your editing is that I think Aristide will be a
dictator: but in fact, everything I know about him leads me to believe

I understand and accept what you've said about the campaign against
"Tabarre": I've watched this campaign accelerate with alarm and am well
aware that it comes at least in part from the State Department and the
same people who have been defaming Aristide for ten or so years. Because
its originators are the same as the ones back before Aristide was
elected, it sounds the same -- it's an ugly echo.

And yet, and yet.
What's happening in Haiti?
How did Jean Dominique end up dead?
Tell me that. I need to know. 
As Jean said in his now famous October, 1999 speech: "I don't like to
see people use the fresh corpses of my friends to further their own
poltical ambitions."

By the way, I intend to ask Dany Toussaint for an interview.