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#3251: those dark, dark days : A comment


Dear Amy,

I was curious of the reaction and just went on line to read it. It is to me, completely off the mark.

There is first of all, a lot of insinuations on that piece. It seems to me also that according to that piece, once again, that color question is of some interest.

I personally tend to be very perplexed over such analysis because, it is like trying to divide even further a country that is going through an extremely painful transition. It's like adding fuel to the fire. We've already had François Duvalier and none of us is interested in another one.

The whole "ti wouj" theory seems to be a bit blasé, overused when the issues are more complex. I'd like to believe that the Haitian people are a lot more sophisticated than that. That's why so many poor and rich, educated and uneducated Haitians went to Dominique's funeral. They didn't care about his skin. They cared about his legacy, his intelligence, his love for the country, his respect for, and devotion to the poor, etc.

I am happy to read the reaction from members of this list, over the article. It seems to me that finally, we are running away from the dark theories of color, color, color. It takes us nowhere.

The Aristide question I do not want to deal with. The analysis made (or lack thereof), I expected.

Hyppolite Pierre