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#3292: question on immigration: A reply to Grey (fwd)

From: Sabine Albert <sabinea@yahoo.com>


It took 2 days but I waited for someone, anyone to
respond to Grey and her outrageous statement.

What has lead to the day when a non-Haitian person can
insult the integrity of that whole nation and "not
care who gets offended".  Is it because we allow these
individuals to come and exploit our culture and
desecrate our religion with impunity that they now can
tell us all, without a care, that we are not a
trustworthy people.  

I grew up always hearing how honest and hard-working
Haitians are. We have opened our hearts, our home and
our land to many without reservation.  I know that
when I am questioned by an American "friend" about
Haitian things, as absurd as some of the questions
might be I try to answer to the best of my ability. 
Are those who claim to be our allies simply gazing at
us all like spectators viewing the monkeys behind 
bars while discussing mating rituals, clan behavior
and grooming habits?

How many Americans will claim to be Haiti experts
simply because the spend 3 months at the Olofson or 2
weeks back-packing the countryside?  Are those of us
who are living in the US, attending America
universities and "living amongst the natives" American
experts?  After more than 20 years in this country,
how should I rank my expertise.

I would also not recommend that one sponsor a person
(by paying a cash bond) for them unless you really
know the person.  This is common sense.  The same can
be said of any non-American national who wants to come
to the US, specially if the desire is to come to work.

The arrogance in tone translates to me that Ms Grey is
so comfortable in her insensitivity for a people whose
religion she is exploiting that she insult a whole
nation and "not care who gets offended."

I don't know where Grey gets this notion of
"victimizing the outsider"  that she makes reference
to so often.  Has she ever heard of the expression,
there's a sucker born every minute" or "caveat
emptor", or a "fool and his money is soon parted".  If
we are not careful we will soon be told that these
sayings came about after an American went to Haiti.

Guy Antoine posted

"it gives me pause to wonder whether those
"foreigners" don't know more about our own country
than most Haitians have cared to find out for
themselves. "  

No Guy, they do not know more than US about US.  And
when you start to buy into the line that you do not
know yourself you are gullible to accept the crap that
is being said about you without challenging its