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#3293: Are soldiers needed? : Benson replies

>Tom Driver an dothers, I beleive this is the same US mission referred to several weeks ago, inexchanges concerning the number of soldiers, their mission and how they came to be there.  It appears the 150 troops stationed there for humanitariaan mission, i.e. the repair to roof, electrical systeem and plumbing/septic were part of the "New Mission" of the US services, iin which such projects are identified, and a an approprrrrriately sized group is sent in.  There is indeed a new policy of the "peaccekeeping forces."  I was told this particcular project was identified as a possibility by an officer who read a a letter from a volunteer nurse who was trying to get some assistance to this mission. I cannot vouch for the reality of that stroy, which I and other heard. There are a number of questions to ask --not so much why soldiers are needed... but what exactly IS the policy?  Who determines the locales for  help? What are the criteria for receiving help? Do the US armed services now routinely assist sectarian missions? Maybe someone on  this list has the answers?